The Latest Developments in Garage Door Technology

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Latest developments in garage door technology

Technology is seemingly coming up with something new and marvelous all the time. There’s always something to surprise the world with – and that includes the field of garage door technology.

Don’t be fooled by the almost simple look of the garage door. It too is influenced by technology and how it’s being made more efficient and easier to use. So it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that new and exciting things are happening with garage doors.

So what are those latest developments in garage door technology? Read on and be mesmerized by what the industry’s engineers and technicians have recently come up with:

Smart Garage Doors

One of the most latest and most prominent developments in garage door technology is the use of smart garage doors. It uses technologies that are capable of opening, closing, and monitoring garage doors. And there are several and not just a single technology that does that. It ranges from simple ones that function as a remote garage door opener that will open and close the garage door for you. 

A more advanced version allows you to connect your garage door to a smartphone app. It will allow you to open or close the door remotely or ping the app when the door is left open. The latest version ties your garage door technology to your smart home technology package. You can program your garage door to open or close on schedule, provide notifications, and more.

Solar Garage Doors

Another of the latest developments in garage doors comes in the form of solar garage doors. Solar garage doors are exactly what their names imply – garage doors that are made from solar panels. This technology allows the garage door to store energy all throughout the day. 

If you have an electric car, you can use the stored energy to charge it at night. Just plug your car in to access the stored energy. The energy is clean, efficient, and easily sustainable. Aside from that, there are also zero emissions. 

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors

An eco-friendly garage door is definitely one of the developments in garage door technology. By eco-friendly, it means that the materials used in the garage doors are more friendly to the environment. 

Perhaps the best example of this is the use of recycled materials. In the last few years, the use of recycled materials in creating new garage doors has become more popular. The most common materials used for these recycled and eco-friendly garage doors are steel, although wood is also used.

Insulated Garage Doors

Using an insulated garage door certainly qualifies as one of the latest developments in garage door technology. After all, using insulation on garages is not yet widely accepted, at least not as much as using insulation on the other parts of the home.

You need to realize though that your garage door is the largest entry that you have in your home. It’s also where the largest heat loss happens whenever it’s opened. So it only makes sense to use an insulated garage door as it would reduce the heat loss whenever it is used. Visit garage door seo

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